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When you absolutely need to make that perfect first impression, turn to the design professionals at Design WizARdz. From logos to brochures including posters, flyers, minimaps, business cards and more, our team will create the best layout for your needs. We even specialize in designs for the web, as well as offset press, screen, digital and large format prints for all media.

Design is just as much about yielding an emotional experience as it is presenting the visual itself. Quality print design should conjure up a human response in your audience - getting them to think, learn, or feel about a certain topic, and forming a bridge between your brand's print materials and your audience.

Interactive Print

is a kind of Augmented Reality. Print materials spring to life with digital content using your mobile device or tablet.

Design Wizardz is leader in Augmented Reality and interactive print technology.

With this innovative marketing tool, you can enhance printed media flyers, postcards, packaging, maps, newspapers, namecards, bottle labels, T-shirts or any other item with interactive content, including :

Augmented Reality

Means that the real environment watched through your mobile device’s display or special glasses is augmented with additional contents which are not there such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Open a website, Show on image, Play video, Show a carousel, Play audio, Call a number, Vote in a poll, Buy a product, Send you an email, Download a mobile app, Add to contacts, Show a SoundCloud widget, Share a message using email, Share page, Pin it on Pinterest, Video hosting, Appearance animations, Share a message on Facebook, Show a Twitter feed, Share a message on Twitter, Follow you on Twitter

Web Development

We offer complete, all-inclusive website design, development and maintenance (with protection, updates, backups and statistics) using WordPress full content management system.

WordPress  link powers more than 24% of the web — a figure that rises every day. The wordpress admin dashboard makes simple and easy to you to publish new posts, change your pictures, webshop products or add new elements to your portfolio, etc. to keep your website’s content up to date

We make your dream website from a simple landing page, brochure website, portfolio website, business website to advanced e-Commerce (Webshop) solutions.

We can create the ultimate solution to meet your marketing goals and objectives using the best coding standards. Our websites are fast, well structured, fully responsive and search engine optimalized.

Video editing, Motion picture, Animations


If you present your message and information to your audience in the form of something enjoyable and memorable, you’ll leave a lasting impression and form a stronger relationship, making them more likely to respond.

People are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy document or website. An animation will not only save your audience time but also make sure your message gets across.

With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more video is being watched and shared as it becomes the standard way of presenting information.

When it comes to online marketing, video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. It’s an extension to your brand and communicates the style and values of your organisation far better than words alone. Video sells.

A video on Youtube - which can also appear on your own website - can attract online search and direct traffic to your offer. Youtube's home page is the second-most popular search on the web, behind only Google search. And Youtube videos appear in Google search rankings, giving you two chances to be found for each animation.

Editing is one of the most important steps in the video production process. Whether you're creating a feature film, an animation or a simple YouTube video, the editing station is where you build what your audience will see, hear and experience.

While consumer-level video editing will suffice for small projects, if you're working on something that has a large audience, a big budget, or many complex elements, you need the power and precision offered by professional movie maker, video editor or animator.